Picture Tokens - Hex (Binary & Octal)

I have a Language feature request PTSS[40615]
Which has it’s content at: https://gist.github.com/MarkGoldberg/9252788

Would you use it ?

How would you improve on the request ?

Hey Mark, actually I meant create a topic in meta to discuss what kind of category to create for language feature requests :slight_smile:

The meta place is the location for discussion things about the forum itself.

How about a sub-category under community called Feature Requests?

I went and created the new category and moved this post over there.

Someone recently posted in the Clarion9 newsgroup “RFC: Suggested Specification for new Date and Time Pictures” which was followed up with “PTSS: 40800: Request for New Date and Time Pictures”. Perhaps these are related enough to combine the effort?