Please help me with relational database!

Hi, I’m new here and am desperate for help!

For the last few years I have been trying to make my own database app to keep track of my PC repairs business, but for the life of me I cannot get the bloody thing to do what I want, can somebody PLEASE help me in regards to making a relational database?

I can make the clients table no problem, but it’s linking it to another table that’s giving me a headache! Thanks all in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe start by working through the example in the GettingStarted.pdf that installs into the Docs folder when you install Clarion.

Hi. I have tried the help and the examples countless times. I’ve started the project from scratch over and over, I have tried using the examples but the problem I have still exists…

Back in 1998 I worked for a publishing company and the head of IT used Clarion to make the whole organisations software needs in 1, I just wish he’d taught me the basics I need to get accomplished.

I have a CLIENTS table which is setup as the client id is autonunbered and unique which isn’t a problem…

The problem I face is in the REPAIRS table,
Repair id is autonunbered and unique, but this table has a CLIENT ID field that needs to correspond to the CLIENT ID in the CLIENTS table…
I tried to setup the relationship but I fear I misunderstand what it means…

What I want it to mean is that 1 client can have many entries into the REPAIRS table.

In the REPAIRS table under CLIENTID the option to select MUST BE IN TABLE… is greyed out, so I cannot progress.

I hope I’ve been able to explain my predicament a bit better and I welcome all responses :slight_smile:

You need to lean about relational practices, and imprtantly relationships between files. You need to set the relation between Client and Repairs as a 1 to Many relationship.
I’ve attached an old dct of mine from a service request system for you to look at / use.
Pay attention to the relations.
These days I would do things a little differently, this dct is 20years old or so. (113.0 KB)


I did a series on ClarionLive on the Data Dictionary, which included discussions on data normalisation (which is the term for what you are wanting to understand.)

The clarionlive site is under development at the moment, and not all the functionality is working yet. So the primary links are not working (at the time of writing this.) I’ve included links to the downloads (which should be working at the time of writing, but may rot in the future.)

Primary links;
Part 1!409
Part 2!412
Part 3!413

Direct download links

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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You can paste screen captures here so we see exactly what you have setup. Windows comes with a “Snipping Tool” to grab captures.

Suggest these DCT pages:

  • Clients key by Auto number
  • Repairs key by Auto number
  • Repairs key by Client ID
  • Repairs relationship to Client

Like this:

Jane’s tutorial suggestion is a good idea. There is an Orders or Invoice that has a relationship like you desire. You should actually work the steps, don’t just read it. Here’s one:

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Thank you. sorry, I have been busy with work, but I shall play around with this thanks.

thank you. I shall play around with this the next few days :slight_smile:

Hi, I have tried to open this, but I only have version 9.1 and I cant afford the newer version right now :frowning:

Ok try this one (22.4 KB)