Poll: How many Clarion developers are or will be using H5 in a commercial application?

This was asked recently on the Clarion Live Skype Chat and I thought it might make a fun poll…

How many Clarion developers are or will be using H5 in a commercial application?

  • Yes - already using/testing
  • Yes - planned
  • Not sure
  • No way!
  • H-What?
  • Isn’t that EE only because I have Clarion PE…
  • Other

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Good Poll

I tried it on a very simple app with:
a template generated browse,
a template generated report (with a date filter dialog),
custom Login screen.

The exe on it own worked fine as a desktop application. But, when run as web application, it looked awful. It was all over the place. It took a while to get the web application to look half decent. Started giving error like before it showed the custom range dialog window. :

Exception occurred at address 0590C41C Exception code C0000005: Access Violation Process PID=4324 Image: Thread 1 Handle=000000EC TID=4180 Exception parameters: 00000008 0590C41C EAX=03ABF758 EBX=00000000 ECX=00000000 EDX=0590C190 ESI=03AC5C30 EDI=00000001 EBP=0018EA6C ESP=0018E9F4 EIP=0590C41C FLG=00010246 Call Stack: 0590C41C 6D898F5A 6D899B30 6D8996A3 6D89891C 6D89B0F9 6D898EB5 6D89B103 6D898EB5 6D89B103

The concept is good, but it is not production ready.

Would like to hear from others about it too.

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Yes, an interesting question since H5 seems to be the primary area in which SV is spending time & resources.
Unfortunately, there seems to be a long list of bug reports in other areas of the product that have not received
the required attention for a very long time.

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Not sure for me.
As implied in other posts, early days for Clarion H5.

Using the most recent release to date (12349), I put together a very basic web app for a client which permits a customer to confirm their arrival at the service centre’s reception area.
The customer is able to check and update their personal details held on file, and confirm the bookings “work to be done” to reception their arrival at the service centre.

Just basic file access, but using the carousel template to display advertisements for the services the customer provides.

Overall, less than one days work to get it to a proof of concept stage, and started off that day not knowing anything about Clarion H5 templates or features. Next day was just clean up and setting the theme etc. Third day implemented.

Working pretty well at this very basic level.

All through a 23 inch touch screen monitor located adjacent to the reception counter.

I am yet to be convinced there is any option of a higher level as yet, so treading carefully. Certainly will not be writing it off with a “no way” vote at this stage.

I 100% agree that they need to address several long outstanding issues before.

Yeah, I think this is true of most web design now days. There is so little benefit on any kind of wysiwyg designer given how dynamic the target is (let alone how responsive your design should/needs to be!).