Poll: How old are you?

Let’s do some demographics of the Clarion developers - How old are you?

  • younger than 25
  • 25 - 34
  • 35 - 44
  • 45 - 54
  • 55 - 64
  • 65 - 74
  • older than 74

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I may be 56 but I feel like a man 55/56ths my age!

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Wow … if this is representative of the community as a whole Clarion has a problem.

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I Doubt that it is Joe. Just 40 votes form the group who use this forum. Need a lot more to get anything meaningful I think.

I would suggest someone sharing it on the newsgroups but just knowing what a newsgroup is already implies a certain age group :slight_smile:
Digest emails will likely send out this week and include this topic which might bring in a few more votes. 580 plus users on this site but I am sure than just me are in the < 44 bracket! Maybe if someone could share it on linked in or google+ group and extend the reach (and yeah, give the newsgroups a go!)? I have hit the Tweet link already.

Wow, 10% under 44. For any in that group working in the USA, I’d sure be interested to know. My estimate would have been 0%.

Definitely a few around, I recall meeting some folks who would still fit that bracket about 3 devcons back :slight_smile:

Well, I am 44 so I was on the line! #CookevilleTN

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One can conclude young developers don´t have time to answer polls…

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One might indeed make that conclusion. On the other hand, it might just well be that old guys work smarter.

My very real concern, which I am confident is not unique, is how best to plan for an App’s future as one moves toward retirement (~2 years)?

With all data in PostgreSQL, a young(er), high caffeine developer can be free to choose whatever App tools are desired. However, I put my nickel down on ANY type of “modern” replacement for 30+ years of Clarion as taking much longer than predicted. Until then, some Clarion skills/training (along w/ some real interest) just MIGHT prove beneficial.


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Missed out on being in the largest group in this poll by 1 week!

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I’d like to know how many of that under 40 group chose Clarion as opposed to those that inherited a project. Does SV have any comment/info on new sales v renewals?
I have several 6.3 projects out there that are getting long in the tooth.

No surprise. I’m 43 and knew I was one of the younger ones. Don’t know why Clarion doesn’t start a marketing push before all of the current clients retire, which ain’t far away.