Poll: Is there any interesting in enabling email-in integration for ClarionHub?

The Discourse platform supports a few email related integrations that I have not yet enabled here on ClarionHub. I was wondering if there is any interest in exploring these, if it is something that anyone here would gain any value from?

Currently the system will send a Digest email showing “A brief summary of ClarionHub since your last visit on …” which I find quite handy. This is opt-out from your profile preferences if you find it an issue. There are also a few other settings there that you might want to tweak:

The new thing that I am talking about here is enabling the “Reply by email” feature. When setup and everything is working, you should see the footer of all notification mails now tell you that you can reply either by visiting the website, or replying via email:

To respond, reply to this email or visit {topic URL} in your browser.

There is an additional email related feature that allows you to post new topics via email which is also possible should there be interest! (It is more of a power feature and requires a minimum trust level)

What would you like to see on ClarionHub?

  • Reply by email
  • Post new topics via email
  • Enable both!
  • No changes.

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Okey dokey, reply by email is enabled!

I am not sure if you will be notified when this topic is update if you previously voted but anyway, now when you get an email notification you have the option to hit reply and submit your response that way :smile:

Oh, I decided not to enable the “email in” feature for new topics. It is a bit more complicated to setup and use. Perhaps if we see more traffic here or if there is more demand I can setup a special “email in” category, kind of like a staging area. I might also wait until v1.5 of discourse is out since they are revamping the email handling in that.