Poll: On Clarion and Visual Studio use

  1. (1) I use Clarion only
  2. (2) I use Clarion mostly with some Visual Studio
  3. (3) I use Clarion and Visual Studio equally
  4. (4) I use Clarion some but mostly Visual Studio
  5. (5) I use Visual Studio only

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:arrow_right: If 2,3, or 4, please leave a comment on what you do with each.

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I am doing significantly less new development in Clarion. Either .NET only or .NET components that will be integrated into existing Clarion applications. Sometimes via COM Interop if there is a UI or using the DllExport technique and Clarion class wrappers to bundle everything up nicely.

Edit: Oh, I voted (4) ! :smile:

Using VS to implement a COM control for a clients Clarion App. The control is quite a complex scheduling control and uses various DevExpress winforms controls to achieve this.