Poll: What about a "Synchronized Settings" addin?

This has been available in Visual Studio for some time now and I have really come to take it for granted.

See link for more info on VS Synchronized Settings

I feel like this could be fairly simple to implement for Clarion via the DevStart.io addin and could also be super handy. For example, after reinstalling Clarion the first thing you do (of course) is install Devstart.io and then it could sync your config dir, or more likely a selection of files from the config dir, into your new installation. Yeah/No ?

  • Do it now!
  • Sounds ok
  • I would give it a try
  • No thanks.
  • Other (please leave a comment or idea!)

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Sounds like a good idea, I do like how it works in VS. However where will the data be stored, will it be encrypted etc.

Just playing devils advocate, but guess SV would rather you didn’t hold any sensitive data, not sure if you were planning on storing the Serial no’s.etc.

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I don’t think I’d ever use it. Might be handy on a very rare occasion, say once every other year.

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Yes certainly these details would need to be made clear. For example, the VS sync does not sync registration information but then registration for VS is done quite differently to Clarion.

Perhaps there could be a way to apply a password to cloud sync or maybe do it via dropbox/onedrive integration so it would be your own cloud storage that gets used?