Poll: Which version of Clarion did you use first?

I complied this list from the info on wikipedia so it may be missing a few details.

  • 1.x - Clarion Professional Developer
  • 1.x - Clarion Personal Developer
  • 2.x - Clarion Professional Developer
  • 2.x - Clarion Personal Developer
  • 3.0 - Clarion Database Developer
  • 3.1 - Clarion for DOS
  • 1.x - Clarion for Windows
  • 1.5 - Clarion for Windows
  • 2.x - Clarion for Windows
  • 4.x - Clarion
  • 5.0 - Clarion
  • 5.5 - Clarion
  • 6.x - Clarion
  • 7.x - Clarion
  • 8.x - Clarion
  • 9.x - Clarion
  • 10.x - Clarion
  • Other (please leave a comment!)

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It’s interesting to me to see that a non-zero amount of people here had their first intro to clarion in the new ide. Also, welcome to the newbies! May you never have to suffer a 16bit ide :slight_smile:

That old good paper manuals, with real smell of paper … good times :wink:


What about this one :wink:


Perhaps I should move this poll to #community:flashbacks :smile:
Great stuff folks!

During my opening presentation for the recent CIDC, I asked who had been using Clarion 1.x (before Designer), just like me. Only one person put up their hand. :open_mouth:

I converted from dbXL and Quick Silver in 1990.

I was with my brother in-law who was buying a PC for my Nephew and wanted me to be sure he wasn’t getting ripped off. While we were in the shop as it was finished I got to talking to the owner and mentioned dbXL. Before we left he showed me the window designer and I think my teeth fell out… on screen design instead of all the guess work of counting lines and columns, I WAS HOOKED!

Bought a copy of CPD the next day and a week later called the owner to see if he knew of anyone looking for a developer. I went by the office that Friday and sat with him and his VP discussing Clarion.

I corrected the owner when he said something that was, well, WRONG. The VP was about to have a coronary because he knew I was right. Steve asked if I could start Monday - I DID!

And here I am 33 years later having survived the Models and moved on to templates. One gathering, 4 ETC conferences and others and I STILL HAVE A HEAD OF HAIR!!! :rofl: :joy:

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I have 2 copies of Clarion 2 and still have the boxes. It was buy one get one free…

best version ever… it worked out of the box… pitty cant say that anymore…

it was the BEST also got LPM it think it was called. Our engineer created a Lotus 123 addin to read clarion database records with a GET KEY into cells and the french graphic addin for lotus 123 1.1 was super fast for publishing financial reports…

Excel never matched it for ease of add in development with the Lotus assemble language kit…

Is that more than the number of hands raised when asked if v11 was the first version used?

‘1.x - Clarion Professional Developer’ is duplicated in the poll

the second one is a Personal

I actually used 1.1 (batch 1113). The coolest thing I wrote was an automatic scheduling system for my Toastmasters club. When I rejoined Toastmasters in 2017, I rewrote it in Windows, with many more features. :wink:

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I don’t believe there was a Personal version for 1.1. That started somewhere in the 2.x chain. A buddy of mine started with that, and eventually made the jump to Professional. He did some pretty cool things by adding additional code after computed field expressions.

Thank you, I see it now

It’s a bit scary to see that the biggest influx of developers was from the '80s. Softvelocity needs to reach new programmers and more established programmers. I want this company to flourish! I don’t think there is a language that will let us develop applications more quickly. For some reason, developers are not using it like other languages despite its power.

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Its apogée was the late 80. 90’s after that it got a real compiler and …

most scripting languages today are just wrappers for something else…

It could be said that today Nettalk has been the current and future of clarion for this last decade as the desktop has been given the local tasks only…

cant see it doing much unless any what ever it is really dazzles…and Nettalk just got some new bling…

where you want to process and secure your data locally the desktop is still KING…

The next version…

Great news for those of you who use scripting languages!

This should help when driving clarion DLL’s as bindable addins to other products such as scripting languages that have bindable addin support.

And finally, a move to modern compilers.

. CIDC News: Upcoming releases and announcements - Clarion