POS terminal Ingenico payment

Does anybody have experience with communication POS terminal for payment ?
I have serial Ingenico POS terminal and Cape Soft WinEvent.
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I do. But it depends what kind of protocol the pos terminal center has implemented. We have ingenicos which we communicate with via tcp protocol, sending actually serial commands. We use nettalk for it.

On test I have model i220 wich communicate on serial port. Do you have example of commands you send ? From start to end communication for billing process?
And maybe if I order NetTalk how it works , some example?
Thany you.

Nikola, I will find the commands and let you know. In our case the process center had to enable such communication on the terminal before it started to receive commands at all.

If you have direct serial connection then maybe winevent should be enough. In any case, I will send some commands so you can check it.

Tnx, if no problem to my email : [email protected] … We are neighbors :slight_smile:

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Sent, hope it works :slight_smile: