Possible folders issue on new notebook in AppBroker

I have moved an app and all dlls from legacy notebook under the app broker folder over to a new notebook. It is a modest program with relatively few procedures. Uses MySQL backend. On the new notebook, with database installed on that note book, it is throwing an error “This record was changed or deleted by another station. Error: (record not found 35) attempting to access a record from the patientvisits file.” When running the app from the legacy notebook and accessing database on either the legacy notebook or the new notebook, no error is thrown. The opposite is the case when running the apps installed on the new notebook. Error is thrown regardless of which database is accessed. I think it’s a folder permission issue on the new notebook. When accessing the app through drive mapped to the old notebook, access is fine, no errors throne. It doesn’t appear to be a database issue. It appears to be a folder access issue.

Help please!