PostgreSQL Schema Change

Does anyone here knows how to communicate Clarion and PostgreSQL with a schema that isn’t de “public” one?

All you should need to do is specify that desired schema as part of your table name. So instead of customer, use myschema.customer.

Already tried, but no results… =/

Have you granted the appropriate rights to the access user?

i have the same question…

Yep thats the way to do it. :slight_smile:

Then there should be an error returned. Have you looked at that?
As Mike says the most likely cause is lack of permissions granted to the user you logon as. There, sort of, automatic permissions for public. Other schemas need explicit permissions granted for Select, etc

and the case of wanting to change the schema at runtime, from a configuration file. You could do something like this (!GLO:schema.table)?

Not quite.
The !Glo:TableName in the dct is a variable containing the table name, so the .table would be interpreted as a field called table in a group called Glo:Schema.
I’m pretty sure that you can use MyTable{Prop:Name} = Glo:Schema & MyTable{Prop:Name} to change the schama name.
I also think there is a template somewhere to generate the code for this to make it easy for you.

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