Preferred Font for the IDE?

So one of the things I like about the Clarion IDE upto and including C6 is the fonts displayed nice and crisply, like in the early days of windows.

With the new IDE, different fonts have come into play and theres this ClearType/TrueType font rendering issue to contend with. Some of the fonts lose their blackness and appear more grey than black, and some also look more blurry than sharp, a bit like this image Wikipedia ClearType - ClearType - Wikipedia

So what font do you like developing in, in the new IDE?

For me, so far, SimSun 11 (the Chinese Mandarin font) seems to be a font which displays nice and crisply and is most like the older crisper fonts seen in the early days of Windows. Its a little taller than Courier New, which was also one I had been trying but wasnt 100% happy with it.

Any other (unlikely) suggestions worth trying?

I’m using Open Sans 10 for Dialogs and list controls
Segoe UI 17 for Start page
Consolas 12 for the text editor

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A question, “kind of” related to this post:

I am using V10 of Clarion and the text in the text editor is kind of grainy/blurry. I have updated the: Display Settings, Advanced scaling settings, “Let Windows try to fix apps so they are not blurry” option with no success. And, I have done the ClearType wizard.

As a comparison, I loaded the same font into the PureBasic editor and compared the two windows side by side. PureBasic is very precise compared to C10.

Was C11 updated to a better screen resolution? Is there anything else I should try?

PNG screenprint:

It may be that C10 is not providing sufficient hinting and rendering support for the fonts that you are using. Try using one of the newer Microsoft fonts that begin with a “c”: Consolas, Candara, etc. Or you could try an older TrueType font instead of the more modern OpenType fonts. Something like Tahoma or Lucida Sans.

Adobe has created some great fonts designed for IDEs. I use Source Code Pro in my text editor, but in C11 I am sticking to Segoe UI and Lucida Sans or Consolas.

I have written a recent blog posting on all the fonts available in Windows 10 and Microsoft Office.

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Thanks for the reply, Donn!

I am using Consolas and/or Segoe UI on both editors, so it’s not that, I think.

The bizarre thing was, that I compiled those two programs using a list box on both and C10 was blurry while the PB program was clear as day. That in itself is weird. I am going to try using my trusty/dusty C6 and see what it does.

It must be an NVidia, Win10 thing.

I am using two monitors: 4K and 1440, but both monitors have the same issue. It’s just enough blurry that it is very distracting.

I looked through the change-logs of 10 and 11 and do not notice any changes on this front in regards to blurry fonts. Unless it is a 1440/4K thing?

Thanks for your insights!

Edit: Notice the word “Tools” in the menu isn’t even clear on C10? It has to be Win10/Nvidia.

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Could you check if PowerBasic is High DPI Aware? Maybe that is the difference.

My monitors are not High DPI, not sure if that matters. Clarion shows Unaware which seems surprising. GitHub Desktop does show as aware and it looks great.


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I bet that is what the issue is, Carl. Like I mentioned before, I have two different resolutions for either monitor.

PureBasic shows a “system” DPI Aware where C10 is “unaware”. I think I will head in that direction.

MS talks about how the unaware setting will make the fonts 95% and do stretching to accommodate the program. They talk about it can cause blurriness. That is what I need to know!

If I can figure out how to get the same DPI awareness set for C10, I will be sure to post back here.



Find a program running in the correct DPI aware mode. Look at the properties of the program. Run the program in the same Compatibility mode.

Then go into “Change settings for all users” at the bottom of the Compatibility Window; “Change high DPI settings” button, and then match the High DPI scaling override so that C10/11 matches the other program.

Do a restart! And off you go.

Thanks for the help guys! I can see again!

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