Print out Dictionary File with Fields

Is there a way in the dictionary to select a file and print the fields.

There is a template utility that will do that from SV. There are also several different in the wild various templates that will do that type of listing. That is normally one of the ones that most beginning template authors play to begin with to start learning the template language. Ask in one of the Clarion Skype forums and you should get a response fairly quickly. Either CW-Talk or ClarionLive will do. Good luck.

I created a Q&D print using xsl, which is a display form of xml.
You need to export the dct as text to a .dctx file.
Then rename to .xml ie myDct.xml
You need to edit it and add the line

<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="dctx.xsl"?>

as line 2
Save. Make sue the attached xsl file is in the same directory, Then just open in a browser (662 Bytes)

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This is great Sean and a good learning exercise.

I had two issues, firstly the dctx.xsl gets blocked after downloading, you need to unblock it via right click on the file, choose properties, then unblock. That’s just a web thing so can’t be helped.

The second issue seems that the more modern browsers, edge and chrome don’t like serving XSLT from local files. In both I just got a blank web page with nothing on it.

I moved the files over to a NTWS I have and browsed to that instead and I saw the web transformation as expected.

Thanks Sean

I have been playing around a little with @seanh example and have come up with a version that implements bootstrap.

I’ve created a repository here

I also added links from the table list to the table definition, feel free to fork and post pull requests.


It’s been a couple of years since I played with it, so I’m not surprised that things moved a little.
Great that you’ve managed to improve things!

If I just want the Table and it’s fields in the Dictionary, I simply highlight the Table and from the “Quick View” of the Table, I just highlight the fields ( you can highlight everything including Keys and Relationships" , Right mouse click and select “Copy Details”. You can then paste it into your favorite text editor.

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The Bo Schmitz ComSoft7 free templates had a template: #UTILITY (DicPrint, 'Tree Saver Dictionary Info (Ver 4.0)')

In my topic Fake Setup Clarion 9 to install older Accessory Setups like BoTpl you will find a download that is the complete install zipped so you do not need to install it. In that under Accessory/Template is BoDicPrt.TPW with that DicPrint Utility.

Similar to @rjolda I’ll copy the source code generated file declaration in the root module and print that from a text editor.

Touching on what he said… there is No need to select the fields
… simply Right-Click on the File and select “Copy Details” as shown below:


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Thanks Ron, Carl,

This will work great.