Printing MS Access Report from Clarion

Connecting with Ms access with odbc and reading data is easy and valid without any problems, but I thought if I design a report in Ms access ; is it possible to print it using Clarion ?


It’s probably possible, but I doubt it is worth the effort. It’s nothing like using ODBC. You would use an OLE control in Clarion, and send it Visual Basic for Applications commands. There are some free templates, originally developed by Softmasters that give an idea of how that is done for Word and Excel, and Access would be similar. However, if you save an hour developing a report in Access compared to developing it in Clarion, it will take you ten or twenty hours to figure out how to print the Access report from Clarion.

Yes you are right may be it does not worth wasting time on it, but sometime accidently you find new thing which somebody knows and that are easy and straight forward.

Thank you