PRJServer Hangs

When I want to compile an app that has more than around 30 or 35 objects the prjserver hangs. I have to kill the prjserver program and delete the objects associated with that app. The app itself doesn’t hang and it doesn’t seem to get corrupted. I have created a bunch of batch files to delete my *.obj files before I compile if I know I’m doing a major change. All the clw’s are created just fine.

Any hints would be appreciated.

Using Clarion 11.0 build 13630 EE . ABC. This was happening on the previous version which is a couple of versions ago so I don’t think it was a new version that caused it.

Hi Ray,

Did you ever got this sorted out?

I am also starting to have the same problem.
Been working 100% until ± a month ago.

Now every time I compile I have to kill the prjserver and start the compile again.


Johan de Klerk

No. It still happens. The prjserver gets suspended if more than x amount of objects are created. I close the app, kill the prjserver, then depending on the app I have some batch files that will delete the objects for that app, then recompile… everything gets remade and all new objects. I have not done an exact count on how many objects it creates before it gets suspended, but it’s around 30 I think. If it were the same number everytime that might give some kind of clue. It’s like it’s not allowing itself to overwrite x amount of objects. Very strange.

So I now have a new computer. Installed Clarion (same version I have on my old computer)… then copied all of the files from the old to the new… not replacing anything. It all works and my compile issue is gone.

The solution is to buy a computer. :slight_smile:

I just found this post by Diego, from the newsgroups. Sounds like it could be useful.

Here’s his screenshot:

Well, I bought a new computer… installed the same version of Clarion, copied all of the files… it works great. I didn’t see this from Diego, but I needed a new computer anyway.


Just found this post.
Tried the setting that Diego pointed to.
Now I am getting the error:
Error(8): cifm$lcreate Not enough memory resources are available to process this command.
ScreenHunter_323 Dec. 09 11.51
ScreenHunter_324 Dec. 09 11.51

Johan de Klerk

New computer needed?? :joy: