Problems editing my dictionary in C11

We maintain and develope new functions and procedures to the same ERP system for along over more than 15 years. We have been stucked in Clarion 5.5 for a long time, but one day (may be it was in 2008, I don’t remember very well) we migrate the whole system to C8, then to C9, C10 and lately to C11. No problem! It work fine. I refer “system” because we have 1 dictionary (.dct) and 46 applications (.app). Counting in SQL (the whole sistems work whith MS-SQL) we have 393 tables. In the Clarion dictionary are a llittle more because there are a few InMemory tables, a few Topspeed, and o course many “alias”.
Ok, the thing is that when I open de dictionary file with my C11 (11.0.13401) - and any previous C11 release -, it seams to open quickly, it show the list of tables and so, but when I click over a table to edit it, the clarion say “not responding” for a very very long time (about 1 hour), and after this time, it respond to the original click, and allow me to do what I want.
I discover it because one day, before migrating from C10 to C11, I tryed to edit my dictionary with no success a lot of times, until I leave the computer to lunch, and when I’m back I discover it work.
Does anyone of you have the same issue? Anyone know a solution?
(I do this in a very powerfull notebook, I7, 16gb ram, Windows 10 home edition, I don’t think the computer is the problem)

Maybe running process monitor could give a clue what is going on during that hour?

Sounds like a good question to send to SV support.