%ProcedureCategory is read only - Surely not?

So I’ve just been trying to
#Set(%ProcedureCategory,'Some stuff here')

and I get the message its read only. Surely not? :crazy_face:

Apart from exporting the procedure to txa and then reimporting it*, does anyone know of any other trick that might let me set it from within template code, its kind of handy using the category view?

*I wrote a template which exports a proc to txa, edits the txa and then I have to reimport the txa, not perfect but considering the changes it was making, it seemed favourable and could be adapted for this purpose.


are also read only.

Looking in the SV templates I can see they populate the description when writing out a TXA

before eventually reimporting the txa

Strange thing is, I could never get the Replace to work on #Import, but maybe I’ll re-visit this problem again as it would hopefully make it a seamless one click process.

And if that works, then maybe I can use the #Import(file), Replace to get remove procedures…