Program crashes only under terminal services

Hi All

I have a program that is being access by some via Terminal services.
The normal users are fine.
The TS users keep getting crashes, it just comes up with ‘Program has Stopped Working’

I’m getting very little info from anywhere on the cause.
an odd event of C000006 in the event log, but no file name or anything.

Happens at random places.

Program is accessed from a common network drive, uses mostly SQL

Any pointers?
Anyone seen anythin like this?

Sean H

Which server OS is the TS, which Clarion version?

I had one situation where in some circumstances calling a filedialog on WinServer 2008R2 (I think, it was a while back may have been 2003 SBS?) would trigger an AppCrash.

I made it as far as attempting to place blame on the specific, out of date, patch level of that OS but in the end the best solution, for this particular problem combination, was to add the EXE to the DEP exception list. The problem stopped and we pretended not to notice the kittens sacrificed in the process.

Oh ok, asking intelligent questions instead of instant answers eh. pfft.

Win server 2008, C10 12567.
I added an entry to the registry for multiuser something smb that might have helped. But failed.
DEP is the next shot.

Thanks. Gives Hope.

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Three thing that might help.
If there is a chance the program is crashing while using the DIRECTORY command see my article about problem using the old form of directory in a TS environment DirectoryCrashWithUserProfiles

You can set your program to run on only 1 CPU using imagecfg with the /u parameter. Years ago I had program that crashed running in terminal services and this solved the problem. More that likely there was a threading issue that forcing the program to a single CPU “fixed”.

Eliminate circular references between your DLLs if you have any. I’ve found that running under TS with programs with circular references are much more likely to crash than running on a workstation. The crash is usually when a thread or the application is closing.