Projects wanted - 25+ years IT experience, 20+ with Clarion

I am looking for new projects/clients.

I have been in IT since I finished my degree in 93, working with Clarion since 95 having used all versions since then. I have worked with many different flavours of databases over 20+ years, including Oracle, Sybase, SQL Anywhere, MS SQL, DB2, btrieve, and more. Some recognizable community members I have worked with include Topspeed Consulting, Russ Eggen, Mike Gould, and Shawn Mason.

No project is too big or too small. I am able to help put a team together for bigger projects. I can start a new project or come into the middle of a project, quickly pick it up and complete it. I can also continue on with maintenance and improvements. For some clients that has been for 20 years.

I can provide references.

My linkedin

My website

Look forward to discussing how I can help with your project…
Scott S.

Hola Scott,

Estás dispuesto a ser un partner y asumir el riesgo de un proyecto grande?



Gustavo Tejera - Montevideo, Uruguay

Hola Gustavo,

Gracias por contactarnos. Se muy poco español. Si eso está bien, no dude en enviarme un correo electrónico. Encuentre mi información de contacto en mi sitio web: