Prop:edit on Queue list on Tab

Hi Everyone,

I have a strange issue with TABS. I have a sheet with 2 TABS. 1st tab has a bunch of controls. 2nd has 2 list boxes and couple of buttons. One of the buttons populates a queue which displays in a listbox and also initialises an edit-in-place button on that list box with prop:edit. The moment I push that button, the controls on TAB is overlayed when I click on TAB 1. In other words shines through to TAB 1.
Anyone have similar issue? Am I using the prop:edit incorrectly. Removing the prop:edit code fixes the overlay issue.

Any assistance much appreciated.


have you CREATEd edit control on theTAB:2? I think it should be like this:
?EditCtrl = CREATE(1000, CREATE:Entry, ?List{PROP:Parent})

Thanks for the response. The controls are already populated on the window, so not creating them manually. However, I tried the above anyway but still the same result. The moment I use prop:edit on my queue list box the overlay issue occurs.

So I’ve managed to figure it out. It seems you have to clear the edit fields before changing tabs.
I used ?QList{prop:edit,[column:no]} = 0 on Tab change and the controls behave predictably.


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Not an answer but interestingly I see exactly this in the Clarion RAD Window Designer when I have tabs on the right hand side in the window I am working on, but not when the traditional top tab position is used.
I get by by always first selecting the tab I want to work on in the Tab Order pane. If you try to use that method after touching the window it won’t work.
Regards, Jim