ProScan to PDF Compile Error

Using Clarion 10.0.11975
Lansrad Proscan 4.9

I get compile error on following code:

SelectInventorySold PROCEDURE

oHH &tagHTMLHelp
oHH &tagHTMLHelp

The second entry for oHH &tagHTMLHelp is added after add button calling procedure WnScan2PDF.
The WnScan2PDF is generated by the template.

Any advice on how to stop this?

Thanks! Glad I found this community.

support from… LANSRAD Information

Thanks for your reply! Submitted support web form 26/7. I emailed on 27/7. In the email I used subject “ProScan Help V4.9” to try to make it through any user side spam filters. Just thought I would reach out to the community in case it was a “no brainer” I was missing. Maybe the spam monster ate the message.

Also, if this should have been in a different area of the forum please correct me.

The error message is a clue to what is wrong.
Post that do we can offer more explicit advice.

is a declaration added when you add the Clarion (or ABC) HTML Help extension to a procedure.
If you have 2 of those then it’s possible you’ve added it twice, or maybe Globally and Locally?

This doubling up of code can also be caused when importing a procedure into an application if you are using a global template that inserts code into local procedures.

If this is the case you can edit the TXA file before importing into your application and remove the template addition.

If you look through the TXA for the procedure you will see sections that start with [ADDITION], look for any occurrence of the help template and remove them from the TXA, save and then import.


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The compile error is “No matching prototype” Clicking the error takes me to the clw highlighting the second instance of oHH &tagHTMLHelp.

Mark, thank you for reminding me to check txa. Grateful for all of the feedback.

I should try and explain a bit better.

I select Application then Utility Template and import. At this point all is well. As soon as I add a button calling the imported procedure and compile I get the error. The second oHH entry is added to my update form procedure calling the imported scan to pdf procedure.

Clicking the error takes me to the clw highlighting the second instance of oHH &tagHTMLHelp

Does the place it takes you match the place reported in the errotd pad?

I expect a warning on the line you are going to, not an error. And not that error. I expect it has taken you to the first warning, not the position of the error.

Ah, thank you Bruce. Your suspicion seems to be the case. The error may be on the button.

START(WnScan2PDF, 25000)

I attempted to italicize the text highlighted in the error. It is the "RT(Wn "

I moved the Start command to the accepted embed of a new button and manually added it to the Calls for the procedure. However the error persists.


At a guess, there are two possibilities.

  1. WinScan2PDF is not in your application or defined anywhere.

If this is an issue, I would check the docs to make sure you have followed instructions on adding the 3rd Party to your application. I don’t know the product myself, but there may be a procedure you need
to import, Utility Template you need to run etc.

If you have the procedure declared in another application, make sure you add that procedure as a module in this application to the module for the other application, if you need more help with that, shout.

  1. WinScan2PDF takes extra parameters.

If the latter, START(…) can pass up to 3 STRINGS to the PROCEDURE who’s thread you are starting. From HELP for START, the 3rd - 5th parameter for start is described as:

A string constant, variable, or expression containing the value to pass as a parameter to the procedure. There may be up to three passed values listed.

Thanks everyone for your input. I found my problem.

When calling the procedure Start Thread must be unchecked. Or if calling from the accepted embed use the following WnScan2PDF(). I have yet to figure out the why. Although I am happy to have found problem, I dislike randomly trying things out of desperation. Is there a simple explanation so I can turn this in to a “learning moment”?

Thanks again!