QBE List template documentation - how to use


I have been unable to find any detailed documentation for the QBE List template, specifically end-user usage.

For instance, it appears that sometime the user should place the search value in quotes, sometimes not; what is is the rule for this? If the user gets this wrong, they get kicked out with a “Bind” error, so it’s important to know the rules!

Another example: how does one enter values when the operator is “IN”? I found by trial and error that for “BETWEEN”, you can specify something like “10 AND 15”.

Some comprehensive documentation would be great!


An easy way is to drag and drop a particular cell onto the list. It creates the appropriate = test for you.
That makes it really really easy

Except it sometimes doesn’t work - it fails to put quotes where quotes are necessary, and then if you apply it it kicks out with an error.

In case anyone’s also having this issue: I’d still like to see some documentation for advance usage, but I figured out why it was not working properly for drag and drop wrt quotes. The specific instance where it was failing was a MEMO field, and the template codes that as a LONG datatype, leading to errors.