Question about SourceClass template


How do I call class that is defined in SourceClass template file?

I have found this, but it is not helpful. In the help there is nothing about it, even it is stated on the site that it will be available.

I have tried with testClass CLASS,MODULE('FILE00x.CLW'), but it does not work.

Easy (ish) :slight_smile: Note that I deal with multi dll so some of this may not apply.
So First, make sure that you do this in the data dll. Then I rename the module to something like the class. so testclass.clw. That stops the numbering from stuffing everything up.
Then, in global embeds in the app where you want it. add an “include(‘’),once”
Then in the procedure where you want the class, data embed add
tc testclass

You can then refer to tc.myMethod whereever you want


@seanh, thank you for explanation.

If you’re using ABC, search the help for “ABCIncludeFile”. From there, you’ll find “How to Create ABC Compliant Classes”. If you never intend to re-use your class anywhere, then the other way is probably OK.

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But this part is outdated: “The header file (.INC) containing the CLASS declarations must be in Clarion’s \LIBSRC directory”. The best place is in Clarion\Accessory\libsrc\win.

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@jslarve, thank you for pointing where to look in help. That will definitely help.