Reading Google Calendar data

Hi all

I am working on an app for a group of psychologists who record their appointment bookings on Google Calendar, one calendar per doctor, which they update from their phone. I want to download these appointment entries at the end of each week/month to make sure everyone is correctly invoiced.

I was hoping the Google Calendar API would consist of some POST and GET https instructions, but they don’t give any examples like that. All the examples require API libraries in C#, JavaScript, Node.js, GO, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Google Apps Script. Plus, they require OAuth logins and such. So I’m stuck.

Short of doing a screen grab or re-typing the data, can anyone suggest another method to extract this data? I have NetTalk Apps 12 and Clarion PE 11.0.13630 if that helps.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Hi Donn,

I’m using Catalyst SocketTools to read Google Calendar events. It works if the OAuth token is provided as a password.
Getting token can be tricky but can be done with the NetTalk.


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Hi Donn,

Our Chilkat wrapper includes a dedicated Task Class for Google - there’s an example of pushing and pulling Google Events in our task demo app ( available via our website)

Also, I recently demonstrated on ClarionLive a new facility in the upcoming V6 release of our wrapper templates that show how to link our Calendar to Google and / or Text Messages without writing any code.

Feel free to drop me a message if you require any more info :slight_smile:

Thanks, Andy