Record not updated

I have a small database program I wrote for our church. I put a "field prime condition saying

log:name = chi:name

This only happens when I enter new records. How can the existing be updated?

Kind regards

How can the existing be updated?
I think you are asking: how can all of the records previously entered into the file be updated with Name = chi:name.
It sounds like this will be a one-time task.
Without writing any program code, you could use TopScan and do a mass update (an option on the File menu).
It’s pretty easy. In the log:name field row, put the value in the Expression column.
I will assume that chi:name is a single value, e.g. ‘Smith’.
If it works as expected, then Save the changes.
If you need to updated it regularly, then you can put a few lines of code in the embed of a button.

Not sure what you’re actually asking?
So you’re priming the field of the log file on insert ? In the form ?
Are you changing someones name and it also needs to change in other tables?
Do you just need to update other records?

A little more detail please :slight_smile: