Record Retrieval Error


Does anyone have insight about an error message that just says “Record Retrieval Error”?

I saw some discussion without answer in old C5 posts elsewhere. We are seeing it with a client-server C10 application connected to MSSQL on a templated ‘OK’ record save

All the data is getting through and saved despite this.

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I vaguely remember this. I think the issue was that the form had to have the PK or a unique key on the table schema of the update form itself. I think that problem went away with subsequent releases.

Maybe what jc-tx says?

It might also be that the browse can’t locate the added record because the primary key is a MSSQL IDENTITY, and you haven’t retrieved the record by the primary key. If you know the primary key value you could try an …


…after the TakeCompleted embed of the update form. This will reget the Clarion file buffer for the new record.

Many thanks for the helpful replies.

Last night we got an ABC error returning a FILEERROR() from another window which was far more meaningful. It was SQL 22001 naming the table and indicating a column that was too small. So it was then easy to locate that in the new database. A column that should be 15 characters was set at only 5. Once that was put right we haven’t seen the problem again yet.

The column though was just data, not involved in any key. The effect though was that records were not saved at all, so that might account for the Record Retrieval Error message. Obviously we will need to keep an eye out and if another cause turns up I will report it back to this thread.

Again thanks for all the help and advice.