Redirection File name schema - is there one?

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Is there is a Redirection File naming schema that anyone knows of?

I see the redirection file referred to as
C60EE.RED in C6.39054 EE
Clarion8.RED in the C11 help docs (“Redirection System” help page “(%ClarionRoot%\BIN\Clarion8.RED” )
Clarion80.RED in the C11 help docs (“Redirection System” help page “(%ClarionRoot%\BIN\Clarion80.RED” )
Clarion100.RED from here Editing Default Redirection RED file to create .LIB with .DLL in project folder

Clarion110.RED in my C11 IDE

I’ve seen this post suggesting Clarion 11 Redirection File
Clarion[MajorIDEversion].RED where version is the major version with a trailing 0 , I’m guessing incase of a minor update.

And just to clarify, if I’m using a previous clarion version for the runtime (C7+ IDE > Build > Set Clarion Version > [select what entries exist]) will this still use the main Clarion[MajorIDEversion].RED even if I have selected say a C6.3 9054 runtime?

I’m assuming at this stage regardless of Clarion runtime version selected it still uses the [MajorIDEversion] of the .Red file with a trailing zero and it still follows this order of precedence in C7+ IDE’s?
Major IDE version with a trailing zero

ApplicationName in the ApplicationFolder.RED
Clarion[MajorIDEversion] in the ApplicationFolder.RED
Clarion[MajorIDEversion] in the Clarion IDE \bin folder.RED



Don’t forget that there are major versions like 9.1 and 11.1
which resulted in
and as you mentioned,

I don’t really recall, but based on Help[ Predefined Compiler Flags] (and svdata.ovl)
there appear to have been major versions of 7.1, 7.2, 7.3

Rich, this is the sort of thing that you seem to enjoy:

Open %cwroot%\bin\ svdata.ovl with an editor like Sublime Text,
NOTE: this file is created the first time you compile - it is not shipped by SV

The file opens as Hexadecimal, so please re-open with UTF-8 encoding
After some early “binary values” you will see a file in the .PR language
which, among other things, sets several of those Predefined Compiler flags

I’m guessing this is some sort of Overlay file.

Its pretty much ASCII here in C11 and in C6 its binary, but I can see #Pragma references to various versions of clarion in the C11 version.

#pragma define(_CW15=>on,_CW20=>on,_CW21=>on,_VER_C4=>on,_VER_C5=>on,_VER_C55=>on,_VER_C56=>on,_VER_C60=>on,_VER_C61=>on,_VER_C62=>on,_VER_C63=>on)
#pragma define(_VER_C70=>on, _VER_C71=>on, _VER_C72=>on, _VER_C73=>on, _VER_C80=>on, _VER_C90=>on, _VER_C91=>on, _VER_C100=>on, _VER_C110=>on, CWVER=>11000)
#pragma define(C70=>on,C71=>on,C72=>on,C73=>on,C80=>on,C90=>on,C91=>on,C100=>on,C110=>on)
#pragma define(CWEXTRA=>on)

So this file will be helpful thanks!

I see this is also referring to the IDLL32_TEXT, IDLL32_DATA seen in the MAP file for EXE/DLL.

#if %lfiletype_=dll #then
#pragma linkfirst(idll%S%.obj)
#elsif %filetype=exe #then
#pragma linkfirst(iexe%S%.obj)

Portable Executable - Wikipedia

Now I’m not a betting man, :grinning: but I’m guessing this difference in the ovl seen between C6 and C11 looks a bit like preparation for some COM & .net exe/dll’s in C12?
.NET, metadata, and the PE format - Wikipedia