Referencing Files not defined in DCT

I have files that are defined in the APP (not in the DCT). When I do this, I cannot reference these files within a Window/Report or as a LIKE parameter. This worked fine in C5.5 but gives errors in C10. Does anyone know how to get around this?


What errors are you seeing?

You cannot use a locally defined file as the primary for a report since the templates aren’t aware of the files existence but you can manually reference any field you want in a report or window structure and if that field exists the compile will not cause errors. LIKE() is the same regardless of Clarion version so something else is getting in your way.

The file definition must be “visible” where you are using it. If it is in another module then the easiest way is to put it in an “inc” file, of your own, and Include() it in both procedures.

Or you could put it in a global embed point next to the other files. Just don’t forget where it is…

Note that the Code Generator templates cannot see it if it is not in the dictionary, though.