RelationTree Control Template Errors Unknown Identifier RT1::F_SUPPLIERSACCESORIESREL2

I’m wrapping my head around how to use tree controls in Clarion 11.

Other than reading the help file for RelationTree control template and MultiChildRelationTree control template, are there other resources for understanding how this works?

It doesn’t help that the mreltree example in Clarion 11 won’t compile. It errors out with “unknown identifier RT1::F_SUPPLIERSACCESORIESREL2”.

in the tpl file C:\Clarion\v11\template\win\MCRTREE.TPL
change line 3879 as follows - this will get a clean compile.

#!=OLD=  #SET(%CheckChildInsertActionCondition,%mTreeQueue & ':m_Instance = ' & SUB(%CheckChildInsertActionCondition,3,LEN(%CheckChildInsertActionCondition)-2))
         #SET(%CheckChildInsertActionCondition,%mTreeQueue & ':m_Instance = ' & %CheckChildInsertActionCondition )
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Thanks. I made that change but I’m getting errors when opening the app now – and still getting the compile error.

Did I misunderstand the change you suggested?

Kevin’s paste converted the Single Quote Chr(39) to Typesetter Quotes that are not valid for Clarion code.

Change the Red Circled Quotes below to '. The quotes highlighted in Yellow are correct.


I edited his post to add 3 backtick lines above and below so its Code and does not mess with quotes:


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That was it. I can compile the example now.

Thank you both.

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Depending upon sql or not, using PostgreSQL and UltraTree, I have been able to easily create trees for data that I never imagined was possible with Topspeed files and the shipping templates.


I had a license for UltraTree years ago and did message the vendor a few days ago. But I recall reading that the author was going through health issues this year, so in case there are delays with receiving a response I want to stick to Clarion’s baked-in tree functionality for now.

But I’m curious to see what you’ve accomplished with PSQL and UltraTree – if you feel like posting screenshots.