RelTree Template (C5 Legacy)

Does anyone have a legacy RelTree template that works reliably?

We have been using the SV shipped template and it doesn’t necessarily work with ODBC drivers.

It uses the REGET(File,Position) command extensively (prototyped as REGET(file,string)) in the %instancePrefix:LoadlLevel ROUTINE which is not supported by the ODBC driver and doesn’t seem to have been addresses in C6 or C8.

We are attempting to ‘patch’ it but wondering if anyone has already done the work or can perhaps provide pointers/tips?

Any help appreciated.


How many procedures with this issue, if only or two than hand-code.Two queues, one for display and the other to hold the data.

What database and what clarion version?

Am out of touch on what the “tp” template community has to offer so cannot offer any solutions here.


using clarion 5, have just seen the title. sorry. very old build of Clarion now.

Thanks Richard.

Yep, old it is. Working on migrating to a later version.

We have worked around it by resetting the errorcode and deliberately doing a SET/NEXT in an embed prior to where the error was occuring.