Replacement C11.1 installer

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Hi all,

I’ve unfortunately misplaced my installer for C11.1.13744 and I have to install it on a new machine. Does anyone have an installer hanging around that they can send my way, or should I go through SV?

I have my registration key handy though. Specifically looking for 11.1 build 13744, the couple of builds after that have a problem with the ODBC driver (on the PTSS already)

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Try to find the email from SV with your download link. They do not stay available forever. If the link does not work call SV and ask them to repost it, I’ev done that.

I save every thing I install in one folder per release with a copy of the Email and ReadMe.



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Usually, what I do, is ask support @ softvelocity if they have it, then if they don’t, get permission from them to get the file from someone else.

Thanks for your replies guys, I’ve gotten in touch with SV :slight_smile:

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