Report A4 portrait and A4 landscape in the same report

Can we in the same report have pages in A4 portrait and A4 landscape


I don’t know of anyway in a single report.
My solution is to have two reports, one landscape and one portrait, and then chain them into a 3rd report combining the pages of the original two.

Not a Clarion report, but it is possible to create a PDF report with mixed portrait and landscape pages (and much more): EasyPDFMaker.

is it possible with easypdfmaker to import other pdf or merge several pdf into one

No, not with EasyPDFMaker. I have another class that can merge pdfs.

What a class

The class to merge pdfs :slight_smile: I’ve made it for one outside project

The problem is that once the orientation changes, the print job end and starts again.
A long time ago (C5.5 / C6.3) I made a multireport template that allowed multiple reports regardless of orientation print as a single report.
I did that by managing the wmf files that Clarion created for each page, saving them and presenting them to the previewer.

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I have never done this nor do I know if it will work, but is it possible to toggle PROP:LANDSCAPE on and then off (after setting target) in source for the particular DETAIL?

I did different tests on the same report (prop: landscape) without result

I brought back the images of the printpreviewque queue of the 2 reports
as suggested by Rick_upperRick, but this solution is not elegant

I think EASYMAKEPDF will solve my problem quickly
I have to edit several pages of different sizes (portrait, landscape …)
Thank you for your contribution

You can download it from here.


Thanks you very much

I could not execute code because E: \ itextCW was not found
I think the path is frozen
by copying the dlls to E: the crash program

No hardcoded paths, especially related to E: drive. I just forgot to include lib file, so wondering how did you build the program?

I updated GitHub, so re-download and try again.

Just added SignPDF method.