Report error while open

I just open my report, it created by report writer. And there an errors says " An error has occurred in your application. If you choose ignore, you should save your word in a new file and …so on… "
Can anyone tell me why? and the way out…



Which ReportWriter - the ‘new’ one ie .REPXL library, or the older TXR based reports?

If the older .TXR based report you could open the .TXR in Notepad (or similar) and undo any recent changes.
(We sometimes get that error if the TXR imports more than one DCT ([SOURCES] section) or has too many files in the [FILES] section)


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If you are using the ‘new’ report writer and are getting this message when calling a RW report from a clarion app then a possible cause is missing RW dlls. Not all RW dlls(both clarion and the RW dlls are loaded automatically by the app. Inspection will give you an indication of which one(s) are missing! It’s a bit hit and miss! I tend to load most and hope it’s OK. If not then add some more! Once it works I make sure my other apps have all those dlls!