Reports are 25% to 50% of normal size under RDP - Thumbnail reports (Preview and PDF)

Anyone see this odd behaviour?

We run our CW11 application as an RDP program under Windows 2019 server. Occasionally reports get generated that are 50 to 25% normal size (Image size) - We use Uniprint as the default and we checked the settings were letter\600dpi which is correct. It corrects itself but we are trying to reproduce so we can correct either programically or procedurally.

Haven’t seen it, but you have to think it is the print driver.

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I would try to grab the WMF files from the Temp folder and compare them to WMF files that work correctly. Open them both in Paint. There was an EmfDecode tool that also showed WMFs.

I wonder if it could be the High Rez 4k video that applies a zoom factor of 200% to 400%. That some times you have a zoom factor that messes up the preview resizing, and some times you do not have zoom depending on the user or settings.

Maybe check that your Manifest has the right settings for Per Monitor DPI.

Hi Kevin,
So you say the reports are generated that are 50 to 25% normal size.
Does that mean the number of bytes?
Are your reports generated as PDF files?
Are you using compression? If so, what is the compression percentage.
What kind of compression: deflate, runlength or fast deflate?
Are you using JPEG compression? If so what is the compression percentage?
What font mode are you using? TrueType, embedded TrueType, etc.?
I haven’t used UniPrint. Maybe you need to contact their support team.

Sorry I can see the confusion.
No, I actually meant the physical dimension of the report page is shrunk down to 25%
The page was generated as a 2.16" x 2.79" wmf instead of 8.5" x 11"

Hopefully, you can capture a “small” rendition of the .wmfs. I’m sure that would be useful for comparison.

More accurately, 2.16" x 2.79" is not 25% of 8.5" x 11". It is 1/16th of a letter-size image.

That looks like the size of a label.
Could it be the default printer is set to the labelprinter when the report is generated?