Request new categories here!

If you have an idea for a new category post a message here and we can see if it fits in the plan or discuss alternatives or whatever…

Indeed maybe a good idea to have a clarion community “container” within the IDE!


Yes, I was thinking of using the API for this forum to display tiles of the categories in the addin which would link to the actual categories on this site. Also pulling the top items, summaries and topic counts or something like that.

Not sure the name, but the idea would be to share, Procedure / Function, so people can download it free.
I have 1 that i could put,


We currently have a sub category under “Code” called “Snippets” which I have been using to put pieces of code. Would that work for you?

I am thinking maybe it would be good to have [howto] or [tips] category/subcategory.

Any thoughts on that?

I decided to go with [tips] -