Resizing Windows in Clarion 10

I’m converting my old Clarion 5.5 apps to Clarion 10. Almost all of my windows have the Extension “Allows controls to be resized with window” and the Resize Strategy set to Resize. They also have the INI File Setting of “Save and Restore Window Location” specified. Therefore, most of the windows are resized when they are initially opened. This worked fine in Clarion 5.5; but in Clarion 10 if a prompted is Right Justified the original text is not erased so a prompt that might say “Search:” now appears as “Search: Search:” (or “SearSearch:”) if the screen expanded in size. Also, most of the Buttons are not resized until the cursor passes over the button.

Has anyone else seen this and can help me out?


I have not see that issue in C9 or 10, but I almost exclusively used the Surface resize strategy.
Sounds like the screen is not re-painting. Are your systems setup to show the window context while it is being resized? If so, try turning that off.
You could always add a InvalidateRect API call after the parent call in the Resize class to force a drawing of the window, but that is a bit of a sledge hammer fix. :slight_smile:

what extension or template “Allows the controls to be resized with the window” is ???

That is the resize template provided with Clarion.

Do you keep the resize information ??
I dont know keep the resize.

see this

how do you keep the re-size once the application is rebooted?

By default an application is setup to save/restore window position and size information in the application ini file. If you go to the global properties on an App and open Actions you will see a “Disable Save/Restore Windows Locations” check box. This should be unchecked and then the program will restore window size and position. You can override the setting on each individual procedure, if desired.