"Restart" procedure?


Is there any easiest way to do some kind of “restart” standard procedure with a window?

I have a procedure that can be called from the main menu sub-sub-sub… menu item. And I need to run it again after it closed. It is a simple window procedure with a Close button.

I’d either
A) avoid returning from the procedure
or what might be easier to maintain
B) create a “source” procedure which calls your window procedure, and calls it again as desired
Of course you then have your menu pick call the source procedure


For the “calls it again as desired” add an Out Parameter RealProcedure(< *BYTE RunMeAgain >) . I usually make <Omittable> so can still be called directly.

In the “Shim Procedure” check for that flag

RealProcedureReRunner PROCEDURE()
RunAgain   BYTE 
       RealProcedure( RunAgain )
       IF ~Runagain THEN BREAK.

Or my preferred way :scream:

       RealProcedure( RunAgain )
       IF RunAgain THEN GOTO RunAgainLabel: .
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Great!!! Thank you, guys! will try it out

:rofl: :+1: :+1: :+1: