Rockets! Tour Kennedy Space Center and/or see a Falcon 9 launch


Those that want to tour Kennedy Space Center on Sunday Oct 8 with me (I know a thing or two about NASA and the space industry :slight_smile: ) I’ll be taking a group from Rosen leaving the lobby at 9AM. The drive over is about an hour. Admission is $50 USD. It’ll be at least 3-4 hours (maybe more, maybe less!) and we’ll see at a minimum the space shuttle Atlantis and one of the last 3 remaining Saturn V stacks. RSVPs would be appreciated so I know who to look for!

SpaceX just pushed the launch to no early than Wednesday due to weather concerns. I’ll reevaluate and see if its still going to be possible to view. If the time holds it might still work out so we’ll see.

–As a bonus, SpaceX is scheduled to launch a Falcon 9 from Pad 39A on Saturday, Oct 7. The launch window is open from 6:53 - 8:53 PM. I will be watching from my overwatch location 3.5 miles from the pad. You are welcome to join the fun! I’ll be leaving the Rosen lobby at 4:30 PM to head over to the beach (about a hour drive). This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for most of CIDC visitors! Launches are spectacular!–


Hi Joe

Seeing as the launch been delayed are you planning to go to the launch on 11th?
If that’s a yes then I too would like to see the launch. My flight lands at 20:10 on 10th so I will be getting to the Rosen Center late. Please reply by email [email protected]


The falcon 9 launch is on! Wedneday at 6:53 pm Eastern Daylight Time.


that was an awesome experience! Thanks for organizing this and taking us there too!


So jealous! :slight_smile: :rocket:



Love these pics @vitesse!


It worked out beautifully :slight_smile: Trying to collate the pics to here :slight_smile:


A video from one of the Gregs :slight_smile:

Falcon 9 launch - CIDC2017


Thank you Joe.
Watching this was a dream come true for me and probably a once in a life time experience.


A couple of my pics


Group shot after the launch


Simply amazing! Thanks for share the pictures and the experience!


That’s a fine group of folks right there :slight_smile: