Rowsearch Browse template using match


i made a template to rowsearch a browse with text, dates and numbers.
Using match and begins with (as default) it works on tps and firebird fast.
It’s a small piece of code where you may want to change some settings. ie
ie I use the date search format: @D6-B
You should also include inside the global embeds > After global includes:
INCLUDE (‘SystemString.INC’),ONCE
or use your own replace code

I am curious how it works for you, although will be on holiday for the next 2 weeks (1,9 KB)


Your template is installed only with C10
register in CEE message error (invalid expression 158,75)

Hi Bilaz,

Maybe, change (true) with (1)

HI dirk

template registed in clarion6



Congratulations Dirk.

What about to use @D17B? By the way, user can use their system date format.

Kind Regards,

Hi Dirk,

Nice template.
It also works with numbers? Every time I try a number return nothing…

Thank you,