Running w/ AnyScreen in Clarion 11.1.13744

Just installed the latest release and recompiled everything. Desktop apps all run.
Every AnyScreen test I have fails with an error in NetClient.
Any ideas?

Post the error.
Also did you install into a new folder or overwrite an existing installation?



Do another install into a fresh folder, say C:\CW13744 and use the /ConfigDir switch on the desktop shortcut as below to separate that install from all the others.
With the /ConfigDir switch you get a /Settings folder below %clarionroot%\bin and you can have multiple installations without any of them interfering with each other.
NB note there’s a space after the .EXE and before the /ConfigDir


Third time did the trick - overwrite too. Won’t waste time to investigate but I did do a restart right before and after the install.