Sage 50 and Clarion

Evening All,

Has anyone here had any experience with connecting clarion apps into sage 50.

Sage 50 has lots of shortfalls, mainly with stock management, most of which could probably be resolved with clarion apps.

Would be interested in what is out there.

google got me here: have you tried ODBC?

I was looking for read write. I think sage have a api kit and i was looking for anyone with experience with this.

I’ve linked my main Clarion app to Line 50 since before it was Line 50, so 25+ years.

It comes with Sage Data Objects (SDO) which is a pretty complete link into Line 50, allowing Read/Write access. However I don’t directly link my Clarion app into Sage - I have a VB app which I early bind into SDO which is an Activex dll and then call the VB app with command line parameters telling it what to do. I did it that way because CPD being DOS couldn’t do it directly. It still works perfectly, and all I have to do is recompile the VB app every year for the new Sage version so I’ve never found a need to rewrite it.

I have a Sage Line 50 developer subscription which costs something like £5k + VAT per annum. It used to be necessary to join in order to be able to activate SDO, but the last few releases of L50 haven’t actually required this. Their developer support is pretty good and I need it occasionally so I still maintain the subscription.


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Not sure i want to pay 5k a year. Would i need to maintain this do you think ?

That includes Sage subscription as well. You will need that part even if you think you can get away without the developer support. I don’t know what the split is between sage subscription and dev support, you’d have to ask them.

Thanks for this. Most helpful !