Save App to TXA automatically

Is there a possibility to save my APP in TXA automatically when I save the APP
Without doing it manually in the “EXPORT TO TXA” menu

CLARION 11.1 my last version

Yes. There’s actually an option in the IDE that exports to assist with version control. I don’t have my dev stuff open atm so I can’t check the names. but it’s something like binary file support in the ide options.

Rick Martin also has a product that does more and is especially for version control systems like git


Along with @seanh answer, and I thoroughly recommend @Rick_UpperPark tool for this.

There is also as part of @MarkGoldberg clarion repository found here a template you can add to your application that will do this on generation. It also has the advantage of splitting the txa’s into modules, should you wish.

Note, Rick’s tool does this and a lot more.

For instance, It help’s in the re-import process into your current application is concerned. I mentioned yesterday in another thread that one of the issues when importing TXA’s is an issue if you have a global template added to your application that will add to all local procedure extensions. Re-importing will double up the local extensions, thus creating duplicate code. Rick’s tool does not have this issue.



Thanks for the recommendation, @Mark_Sarson

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Thank you @Mark_Sarson for your contribution, I have just made a successful test using the templates of markgoldberg(Gentxa and TxaExport)


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As @seanh noted in the IDE Options you can setup Auto Export/Import:

Or in C11 they added this:

FEATURE: Adding a .dct.BinaryImport file into a directory will turn on automatic import/export for dct files. Similarly the existence of a .app.BinaryImport file will turn on import/export of app files. This file can be empty or contain multiple lines with each line being a file pattern to match files. If the file is empty, then all dct/app files will be imported/exported. Otherwise only files that match at least one of the file patterns will be imported/exported.

This Auto Export also saves the APP as a file with an “.APV” extension that is in TXA format. This does NOT just “also save a TXA”. The APV is the Primary Load file, so the IDE builds the APP from the APV. If there is no APV then it opens the APP.

I’m not sure if this is in the Help, it may be in the PDF docs. It was described in the Blog:

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