Save LibXL made Excel to PDF

Is there a product, template or other that allows save Excel to PDF

I need to directly edit my Excel tables generated by my program (APP) without opening EXCEL

I am writing a program using LibXL. I am analyzing all the cells (font,color,size…) to print this Excel file directly in my Clarion Report

Does Office Inside from Capesoft that I acquired allow to Import File Excel and save it to PDF ?



Excel allows to save a file as PDF. And because you already use Libxl you can just do a saveas with libxl i think.

LibXL is not Excel, nor does it utilize Excel. Whatever printing output Excel has, would not necessarily translate to LibXL, unless LibXL specifically states that capability.

Office Inside template is opening Excel.
On the other hand, LibXL does not has function to load Excel file. How do you solve that case?

I have a clarion APP that creates an EXCEL workbook
I would like to save it automatically in IMAGE format and integrate it into my report
If INSIDE OFFICE capsoft allows it (Class oiObjectoiObject)
my problem will be solved
The user does not have access to this excel workbook

Hello - I’m not sure whether Office Inside has all of those methods wrapped, but if you search for
vba+excel+range+copypicture+export+image, maybe you will come up with a solution.

As well as SaveAs pdf in Excel, you can also print to PDF using the “Microsoft Print to PDF” printer driver which probably comes with Windows, or at least with Microsoft Office.They both work fine. With my rather complex eight page workbook printing actually requires three prints because the page orientation changes, and then I have to merge them together afterwards. SaveAs pdf does the whole file at once.

Thank you , the idea is excellent I will integrate this macro VBA in excel,
I hope that with OFFICE INSIDE , libxl or libxlswriter I can run this macro

I used a POWERSHELL script that I integrated into my APP
simpler than VBA macro

Load Excel file

$ExcelPath = ‘C:\cgtemp85\TestExcel.xlsx’
$Excel = New-Object -ComObject Excel.Application
$Excel.Visible = $true
$ExcelWordBook = $Excel.Workbooks.Open($ExcelPath)
$ExcelWorkSheet = $Excel.WorkSheets.item(‘Sheet1’)

save as image


$image = Get-Clipboard -Format Image