Screen Image of the compiled software different from the App Window Designer Preview image

Good morning, does anyone know why the generated application image is different from the Clarion project?
I’ve been seeing this for a while but now I’d like to resolve it.
See the images below
Thank you very much.
Compiled software screen

Clarion View

try to check if you have a Manifest file generated and linked to your project…

It looks like you need to include a manifest in your project.

This file?



check setting here

Ok see

Ahh Do not use themed controls was selected…
Thanks again!!

In Window Designer the 2nd to the last button on the Toolbar turns on Visual Styles for the Designer. That also builds the generated Preview Window with a manifest for styles (which was the screen capture labels “Clarion View” in your original post).


Since you are using the Designer Preview to test your Windows you may find my Previewer tool useful.


Ok ok, Carl!
thank you!!