Scroll Left and right on a listbox and different height rows


Im using Clarion 6

I have 2 problems that im trying to solve

  1. I have a list box that is made up of a queue. I have the vertical and horizontal scrolls enabled.
    When I run my application on a touch screen monitor, rather than clicking on the scroll bars, I can click in the middle of the list box and move my finger up and down. this scrolls the list box up and down as expected. However, when I do the same thing and move my finger from the left to right, it does not do a horizontal scroll. Anyone have any Ideas

  2. This is more of a “I wonder if its possible” question. I can set the PROP:LINEHEIGHT of a list box, which is fine. However, is there a way to have different line heights for different rows.



You might want to ask @MarkGoldberg.
He’s done a bit of work with Clarion and touch monitors.


Sorry for the delay - just bad timing.

The vertical scrolling via touch on a list was added by SV
I just wrote a small test program to look at what you’re describing
Yes, out of the box, touch only seems to scroll vertically

Now horizontally is a bit more vague, maybe that’s why SV didn’t implement it out of the box
see, horizontal might me scroll within a column when it has the S(nn) attribute in the prop format
or it might mean scroll entire columns

So if it’s important to you, I’m pretty sure you going to have to get into a fair bit of touch detail
Years ago when Z was adding some touch to C9
I wrote refactored a piece of code written by someone at SV
Here it is

You can probably alter the line height by row, by using STYLES and altering the font size
I’ll try to run a little test soon.
My test showed that while you can alter the PropStyle:FontSize, that in turn does NOT alter the LineHeight of the row.