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I am new to clarion language and IDE. Compiler is Clarion 6 and IDE is clarion 8. I want to write new search procedure into clarion IDE. Anyone please help me. Thanks in advance!!

Clarion 8 IDE is based on SharpDevelop V2.0

Sean, I want to learn clarion. If you can please suggest what is the best way to learn clarion.

start to develop a real application…

Parth - Adding a search utility to the Clarion IDE would not involve much learning of the Clarion language.

The Clarion Release notification emails from Softvelocity also include examples and lessons. That would certainly be a good place to start. If you don’t have those emails available, maybe SV support would provide the files if they still have them. The last C8 email that I have is 6 years old.

C8 is not what I’d call a solid Clarion version. C10 and 11 are much better, if you can upgrade.

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Thanks @jslarve.
– I want to write my own procedure that will be searched in referred listbox(LISTVariable). So, I want to learn this things.
– How to contact SV Support?
– Can you forward that emails to me?
– We need to stick to C8 version. We can’t upgrade.

support @

Another good place to start with is Clarion Live, there are a lot of Webinars that explains Clarion and related stuff.

parth, is it that you want to make a new procedure selection for the Code Generators? If so, then look for “Templates”, which in Clarion means the script language that is used to program the code generation.

Also, your Clarion install should have a Docs or Documents folder that has helpful pdf files. And see the ClarionLive webinars mentioned above.