Secwin7 after 7.28 upgrade error on Net.SetCookie(‘dataset’,) "No matching prototype available"

After I upgraded Secwin 7.21 to 7.28 I get a compile error "No matching prototype available’

The error indicates the following:


The module this is on is the ‘SecwinLicense’ window.

I am not sure where I need to look to correct this.

The clarion help docs says this:

No matching prototype available
Attempt to define a procedure for which there is no matching prototype in a MAP or CLASS.

There is a mismatch somewhere between the actual window or class method in the window and the method (procedure) prototype. (I’m assuming its a class).

If this is a multi dll, and the class is defined there , then maybe regenerate the data dll?

If you have a dll with secwin and depending on how its implemented ie in the app or in the class, maybe the lib file doesnt match the dll or maybe the updated dll didnt copy across into the installation file? If the template/class is using loadlibrary you dont need to check the lib file.

I think that’s NetTalk being used by SecWin. I use neither.

Probably a second Value parameter is required e.g. net.SetCookie('dataset','Value Here')

I would guess a template was generating that code and that template had a reference to a Procedure Variable or Window Control that has been removed so is now empty. Try to find the SecWin template with the “DataSet” settings in the SecwinLicense procedure and be sure all prompts have a value picked. It may be missing in the Global Extension.

RTFM searched “DataSet” and it appears you need to configure it.

Program Changes

Adding support for the Secwin Online Server to your program is straight-forward.

  1. Go to the SecwinLicense procedure, to the FOR the SecwinLicense Procedure Extension template.
  2. Set the Online Server URL to
  3. Set the Online Server Dataset to the name issued to you by ClarionShop.

@Bruce you should program template #Error(messages) for these settings missing? @BoxSoft knows how to do this well, he can show you at the open webinar. :wink:

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Thanks, this took care of the error.

I’ve fixed the template in today’s build, 7.29.
It doesn’t need to generate an error, it can work with a blank field, so no problem there.

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