Select Browse Row after Inserting


I have a window with browse on it /Clients bills/.
To insert a new record I call another Window procedure where after a click on the button /number of a
free table in the restaurant/
I insert a new record in Clients bills and return to calling procedure.
Then after:


the new record is displayed in the browse.
How can I force the new record be selected. I know the Id of that record which is in the queue and in the view.


Tosho Tonchev

I do a manual call the procedure and after return BRW4.ResetFromFile() instead of ThisWindow.Reset() and now works.

Locating to the last added record is done by the Browse Template after using the Insert button. So the way I would solve this is look at what that Insert button code does. That would likely be InsertRecord logic in ABBrowse.clw in LibSrc.

The code calls .Ask(InsertRecord) …
that calls .ResetFromAsk() …
that calls .ResetFromFile().

Which I see you figured out, suggest you look at that code to see if there’s anything else.