Separator period will shown up in thousands

Hi all…

I want when I fill entry field, separator period will shown up in thousands with decimals…
I had been set entry field picture format as @n16.`2…

For example (e.g) if I type 1234567, entry field will shown up :

1,00 - typing 1
12,00 - typing 2
123,00 - typing 3
1.234,00 - typing 4
12.345,00 - typing 5
123.456,00 - typing 6
1.234.567,00 - typing 7

Is there anyone can help…? Thanks in advance



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Hi Himwawa,

I’m not sure that I really understand what the question is, but let me guess.

Make sure you have ,MASK on the window (or the control)
Make sure you have INS on the control
as in


Hi Mark…

Done… Thank’s a lot…

Nice, I have never seen or used that.
Thanks for the question @himwawa and the answer @MarkGoldberg !

INS, OVR (set typing mode)

The INS and OVR attributes (PROP:INS and PROP:OVR) specify the typing mode for an ENTRY control. INS specifies insert mode while OVR specifies overwrite mode.

INS and OVR are not valid for TEXT controls.