Setting Button Icon from Executable File

I’m converting a Clarion 5.5 app to Clarion 10. In Clarion 5.5, I was able to set a button’s icon using the following code: ?Button5{PROP:ICON}=executablefilename (i.e. WinWord.exe) and the button would have Word’s icon. However in Clarion 10, no icon is set.

Does anyone have a solution to this?


I thought it was an array type of syntax.

MyExe.exe[0] for first icon, etc.

Haven’t tried in decades

It’s mentioned in the help and does say it’s zero based

If the name of the icon file to assign to PROP:Icon has a number in square brackets appended to its end (IconFile.DLL[1]), this indicates the file contains multiple icons and the number specifies which to assign (using zero-based numbering). If the name of the icon file has a tilde (~) prepended to it (~IconFile.ICO), this indicates the file has been linked into the project as a resource and is not on disk

That worked. Thank you!

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